Radically Reimagined Relationships: The Foundation of Engagement

Published May 2019

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We are so very excited to share our report Radically Reimagined Relationships: The Foundation of Engagement with you.  

The report includes examples and practical guidance from more than 20 public, charter, and private schools across the country that are working to transform PreK-12 education for diverse student populations so that educators and students alike find challenge, joy, and purpose in the work they are doing. 


We visited these schools to study strategies related to student engagement; through this effort, we were able to distill a set of commitments that we believe are the hallmarks of engagement-based education. 


In the most transformative schools we visited, we witnessed a profoundly different and meaningful relationship among teachers, students, administrators, and families. We believe that this commitment to relationships is the foundation upon which all other engagement-based commitments and practices rest.

The text of the full report is here, in addition to being linked to the left.  You can also find our report digest here or our flyer here.

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