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Work We're Currently Admiring
Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School

Parker, an Essential School, is a public charter school located in Devens, Massachusetts.  It serves students in grades 7-12 and allows students to move through its program at their own pace.

Why do we admire them?

Engagement: The school's focus on engaging students is seen through projects that call students to use their minds well.  Students aren't islands unto themselves; they collaborate with their peers constantly and have close relationships with teachers who know them well and can respond to their emotional, social, and academic needs.

Where do we see innovation?

Though the education world constantly asks public schools to standardize the work of its teachers and students, Parker embraces personalization.  One important way this can be seen is through their Gateway process.  When a student has demonstrated mastery of skills, they are ready to move on to the next academic level.  In order to show their readiness to move into Division Three (roughly eleventh and twelfth grades), they design a project that showcases their skills.  These exhibitions of learning are public.

Interested in seeing an exhibition or learning more?

Contact Colleen Meaney at cmeaney@theparkerschool.org

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