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Building a Belonging Classroom - Edutopia

The Power of Relationships in Schools - Edutopia

Cold Springs Middle School, the public school of a rural town in Nevada, has a really great system for making sure that the faculty is aware of who knows which kids in different ways.  Making sure that students are known well is deeply important for student success, and the process that this school utilizes to do it helps everyone to see where there might be gaps.  

A Classroom Full of Risk Takers

How can we establish a culture in our classrooms that celebrates risk-taking, mistakes, perseverance and even failure? In this article, a number of teachers describe strategies they have used and found helpful.

Teacher Calls Parents With Positive News About Their Kids

As teachers and students head back to the classroom, we wanted to share a link to this story from NPR's Here and Now. The story is about how a teacher in Louisville, KY is building relationships with students and their families by taking time each week to reach out to families with positive feedback about their student's work and progress.

Building a Positive Staff Culture Takes Work

A strong adult culture is essential if a school is going to do its best work. As noted in this article, "a school where teachers know, trust, and honor each other is a school where students learn best." We would extend the sentiment to the relationships among and between all the adults in the community - teachers, staff, administrators, paraprofessionals, and families.

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